Updated: May 11, 2020

Eating more of what is good for you, and only eating the shite stuff WHEN YOU DESERVE IT.

Okay, sound. I don’t read these things back but I’m guessing I’ve definitely let you all know how much I love food and how hard it is to cut down on the things that are bad for your mind and body. And I definitely have no clue how this all works but what I do know if you need to focus on how you feel after eating what you’re eating. I know more than anyone how the desperation of hunger can just consume you, your mind feels weak and disastrous, you just immediately think of how happy you’d feel to eat sugar, salt and gluten based foods. Mate, believe me, it’ll make you feel like shit. During eating its incredible, but you’ve gotta cast your mind to your future self, do yourself favour over and over again. You’ll thank yourself so so much when you don’t feel sick, lethargic, unhealthy and definitely unattractive. The amount of times me fella has tried it on and I’ve just said fuck off like this fat cunt isn’t moving anytime soon hen.

This is definitely not worth it, and its not even that hard!!!! People think you gotta starve yourself!? The main reason I’ve changed my lifestyle is for my MIND, if I was starving myself surely I’d feel even worse than I would if I sat in bed all day eating thick greasy pizza’s. And the thing is right, if you starve yourself, the weight is never going to come off and stay off, your body will hold on to the reserves because it goes into survival!! It’s gonna hold on to anything you eat and most of all when you’ve given up starving yourself cause it doesn’t work!!! The healthy way is by losing weight gradually, consistently and permanently.

I still order real unhealthy stuff when I go out for food, I just eat around the unhealthy stodgy stuff thats gonna kill me off for the rest of the day. And the ace thing is, when you’ve done a workout or any form of exercise to get your heart rate up/calories burnt, your body is still working afterwards so you can take advantage of this and have your cheat meals after the exercise! It’s DESERVED and not just for the sake of it. Below there’s two images, I order a chicken club or burger most of the time, I don’t bother with the bread cause that means no sex just stodge, and leave the bacon cause I just image heart attacks when I imagine bacon fat. Everything else is protein, veg and the sweet potato fries are your cheeky calorific addition. But IF YOU HAVE WORKED OUT, YOU DESERVE TO TREAT YOUR BODY TO ENERGY - THE WORK IS ALREADY DONE MATE. I feel a healthy full, I’ve enjoyed my food and eaten slowly to ensure I don’t over-eat.

What I ordered

What I ate off the plate - ate all of the colour and left all of the stodge behind!!!!

Anything I love to eat that usually holds that stodge factor, I’ve started to find it in different places as gluten free versions instead. Bread, don’t eat it unless it’s flat or gluten free. Same with Pizza bases, and fuckin trust me I love my pizza and I will forever. Definitely worth trying Triangle in Newcastle Under-Lyme for Gluten free pizza’s, honestly you feel comfortable full and satisfied without feeling ridiculously bloated. And you’ve still had a treat!!!! Amazing when you think about it! Cause if there wasn’t thin base’s or gluten free dough’s, I’d have had to just quit pizza to be fair. I used to spend £60 a month on Dominos, two or three a week sometimes when I was in a stressful negative office job. Having not had one in 5 weeks, when I did have a few pieces shared with the pub staff on a late shift, Jesus Christ the sugar and salt is unreal. Cant believe how immune I became to that sludge I was filling my body with, no wonder I never wanted to get out of bed or move very much!! My mind was so low, my mental health just wanted to keep me in hibernation with the Domino’s website pinned for easy access.

Honestly I felt shite, no goals or motivation to do anything for myself. I didn’t want to socialise or do anything, I hated how I felt about myself. Getting dressed every single day becomes a dread when you hate what you see in the mirror, all of my clothes became too small, I must have spent a fortune on baggy clothes that hid me. I was always bloated, always had stomach aches, never moved my body and I was punishing it. Its like a negative cycle between you, your body and your mind. If you look after your body, your body will look after your mind. And believe you and me, your mind actually quits at 40%. So if you’ve done 10 lengths, fuck it off man you can definitely do another 10 or 20!!!!! Treat your mind to that fresh positive motivation for the day. Every day that you look after yourself is another day your future self will be hugging you for what you’ve accomplished. Your mind set will change, you’ll feel proud of yourself and happy to be inside your body. YOUR MIND DESERVES TO FEEL HAPPY, ABLE AND WILLING.

You deserve to feel good about yourself. You deserve to smile in pictures and feel sexy when your fella wants a shag. YOU ARE PUNISHING YOURSELF WHEN YOU EAT BLOATY SLUDGE AND LIE AROUND GETTING NOTHING DONE. You are a human being and you deserve to look after yourself and grow as much as needs be!!!! You have so much to accomplish!!!! Work on your mind set and your new lifestyle will get you there!!!

I legit live off le below, as well as burning between 1000-1800 calories exercising a week. Walking the dog, walking up bare stairs at work and any other movement in my week is not included. Purely counting the calories I’m sweating out and EARNING this self certainty.


Loads of water, water is so damn good for the mind and body!!! It’s part of our survival and definitely helps to keep you full for longerer!




Diet Coke (Which I know is awful but I love Coca-cola so damn much)

EGGS are a huge one, so filling!!


Plain Granola EVERY MORNING but small portion, eat it slowly you’ll fill up with it



Cups of tea (1 Sugar, trying to cut down cause in winter its the only thing that keeps me safe)

Peppers cause I fuckin love looking at a colourful plate


Chips every now and again but I proper try to have Sweet Potato Fries when I can!

Couscous (Chicken/veg obviously)

Oatcakes (Cause thats in my blood, but I have’m flat with veg/mushrooms on it, NO CHEESE)

A Baileys every now and again, because my new job is tiring and I am only human.

Here’s the things I try and avoid because it makes me feel bloated and ill. The stomach aches can ruin my day and I hate the lethargic/no motivation feeling I used to feel all of the time. Life isn’t for moving backwards people!!!!!

Bread (Even brown seeded bread can bloat me to fuck) Thick pizza dough Salt on anything Chips Crisps (although they do give me the energy to get through bar work) Cheese Full fat coke Baileys

Thank you for reading this, I proper hope its helped you just get off your ass on this chilled Sunday and sweat some of that negative energy out!!! I’ve just started in office work again and I’m terrified of putting this weight back on, all of that progress lost!? It’s so easy when you’re miserable or bored or just a bit lost in life to rely on *TEMPORARILY* satisfying food that brightens your day or excites you that little bit. But I as well as you need to remember, its only a temporary fix for the mind, the rest of it is negative repercussions and I know I’d feel so much better for looking after myself. If any of you have any mint motivational tricks to keep me strong when there’s free hot chocolate available at every break and dead nice chips on for 90p every dinner then please LORD tell me!!!!

Have a mint day and if you have a dog give them an extra squeezey hug from me!!!!! X