Updated: May 11, 2020

This ones gonna be kept short and sweet for you easily distracted readers. Just give me a little minute of your time and note down four things that you’re grateful for? Could be something like, I’m grateful my hair's growing quickly lately? I’m grateful I have a friend I can talk about weird stuff with? I’m grateful that my partner didn’t hear me do a little trump whilst wearing his favourite pyjama bottoms? Cause I really am. Write these down in your best handwriting and have a think about what life would be like if you didn't have those things to feel grateful for.

I’m grateful for Twitter, my morning newspaper, its a pisser, communities of people coming together in producing some of the best humour. There’s animals on there, relationship troubles, vulnerable emotions, ballsy opinions, hilarious socially awkward situations and photography of the worlds finest locations on there. If I didn’t have twitter I’d be ready on time but I'd be sad about it. I’ve come to find the more time I have to myself to spend with my own mind, the more I arrive at those negative thought patterns. Twitter doesn't prompt you to compare yourself to others like other social media platforms do, its all personality baby, its your morning hug, laughter and also the only kind of company you want to deal with in a morning.

Thinking about what you’re grateful for kind of flicks off any negative or low thoughts that might randomly be bothering you. If you ever feel a bit crap, its one of those days or you’re sick of someones shit? Write down a few things that you’re grateful for, I promise you that this will lift your mood.

Even if its being grateful for having parents, a job or a partner. Being lucky enough to have the hardest language worldwide to learn as your mother tongue. Being lucky enough to eat food or get weekends off from work. Being lucky enough to have someone who loves you whether it be a sibling, neighbour, friend or coworker. We are naturally feeding off comparing ourselves, not to people who have less than us, but to people who have more.

Remember twitter is right there with you having a shit day. Its there to cheer you up and make that tea shoot out of your nose. Contact me at the bottom of the page with any feedback or tips. Have a beautiful day.