Updated: May 11, 2020

Not really sure how common SAD is and I’m not at all sure how deep the spectrum goes. But I know I’m not alone when I’m sat with a friend discussing how little were going to get done as soon as the dark nights fall in. There’s friends, family and even locals from the pub who admit to feeling low at this time of year, they want to hibernate a bit, avoid socialising and just generally don’t want to make plans or leave their bed at all until summer-time comes back.

The whole exercising and eating better has helped loads so far but when you’re already feeling how shite you’re feeling at this time of year anyway, me telling you to change your lifestyle will just piss you off big time. So whatever, try it and see if it helps but for now, you can talk to me and I can try me best to make you laugh and get you enjoying Winter months. Or at least humour me and distract me from feeling shite cause I’m a right lonely bastard sometimes. This is kinda to help myself as well as others when I sink in moods from time to time too, hope this is a bit of a nice hug and a ‘you’re not on your own’ kinda read.

DAYLIGHT. Is a fucking must really. BREATHE IT IN PATRICK (if you haven’t heard of Max and Paddy already, there’s an easy sound watch for ya). As soon as you wake up, open those curtains even if it means the neighbours can see ya getting changed. Everyones seen a boob or two get over yourself. Let that daylight and fresh air into your room! I used to leave them shut until I could be arsed to open them and stay dark and cosy, dark is BAD. Every little opportunity you get in the day to look at the sky, go for it. Windows and eyes are your best friend, you honestly have so many more opportunities than you’d think to get daylight. It’s probably the biggest reason I haven’t quit smoking, going outside on my breaks is a godsend. Literally stand there like a massive fuckin weirdo letting the sun shine on your face, imagine you’re on holiday for a few seconds or whatever. It’s good for you and it’ll brighten your mood!

Take a deep breathe and empty that mind of the daft day-to-day shit you’re worrying about. I have literally resorted to going into my back yard and doing some star jumps just to feel like I've had some fresh air before going to work. Honestly anything weird you've ever tried, double it and you've got a socially awkward lady called Hol.

TV. These tend to be things brits do when they’re not socialising or looking after kids etc. SO, its sound that we all sit there watching stuff Netflix, Corrie all of it. Just for the next few months until the sunshine comes out try n keep it positive and colourful! I fuckin love the This Is England series but oh my days it can get dark, makes me feel all dramatic and sad. It’s just purely moving and unreal but at this time of year, telly like that is bad for the mind! Watch COLOUR, Rick and Morty, Bojack, Friends, Big Mouth, US Office, Simpsons. Just realised most of those happen to be cartoons!? It’s all about that colour, you’ll thank yourself. Try and surround yourself with stuff that’s guaranteed going to put a smile on that lovely happy face! One thing I will never ever watch is the News, negative shite like that needs sorting out, the world has gone mad.

MUSIC. Same thing baby g! I used to love soft acoustic stuff, now I’m proper careful with what I’m listening to, if its dramatic just get rid like. Might be proper beautiful but if its putting you in that low sorry-for-yourself frame of mind then sack it off. This time of year is just trying to push you down when you feel shit, and it usually means your anxiety is just here there n everywhere like. So a MASSIVE help for that is music that makes you feel CONFIDENT. Jesus Christ, I literally cant tell you how different my days are dependant on what I’m listening to. Eminem has me by the balls man, he’s strong minded. Deap Vally, sexy rock chicks cure everythin. Fuckin grungy dirty bass, put your makeup on and ball around and listen to the Feminism. They’re the balls. QOTSA, Led Zeppelin, The Mamas & The Papas, Royal Blood, JET etc. Literally any music that makes you feel fuckin ace. Changes your whole day.

TEA. This proper sucks but if you’re feeling proper anxious over these winter months or you’re struggling more than usual; just be mindful with the amount of caffeine you’re drinking in your day. I used to struggle with it loads and one thing I definitely noticed that calmed it down was when I stopped drinking as much tea and coke. Alcohol is an obvious to stay away from when you’re mind frame is a bit on the wank side. But its Britains familiar cure for everything.

DISTRACT. This is my number one rule with anything and everything. Any low mind set, any hormonal mood swing, any crazy anxiety rushing through you’re blood; DISTRACT YOURSELF. Just do anything to keep yourself busy and remind yourself you are a free person. I exercise and sweat the shit moods out of me, literally fuckin go for it with all of your force and afterwards you become too tired to think about stuff to be anxious about, the adrenaline is in the fuckin bin! Not exactly sure who reads this to be fair, if you’re my prim and proper nana then turn away now. But, another healthy distraction from life’s rubbish existence is masturbating, your mind is distracted 100%, you release endorphins and you feel satisfied. Gimme a break Nana we all do it. Play the guitar? Doesn’t have to sound good just try and play that song off that advert you can never get out of your head. By the time you’ve got anywhere near being able to play the song half decent you’re mind will have forgotten all about the anxiety. One way or another, anxiety needs to be released. Treat your body and your body will treat your mind. I’ve legit been in your shoes for the past 5 or 6 years, lying in bed feeling like life hasn’t got a purpose for me etc or sat there on your bed in your towel scrolling social media hating that feel of your wet feet on your un-hoovered carpet. You can draw, you can learn about new things online or find a mint documentary, you can paint, you can cook!

YOUR ZONE. Tidy your room and clean it from top to bottom. You’re gonna sleep better and thats a mint start to the day. A clear space is a clear mind. Take all them mugs downstairs and clean that mirror you post selfies in all the time, we wanna see you! Put everything in its right place as much as you can, your mind will thank you so damn much when you wake up to an ace clear area to live in. Messy room provokes a messy mind.

JOIN REAL LIFE. Everyone uses social media, all of the time. It’s inevitable. But there’s a limit and especially this time of year when your mind is a little more sensitive than usual, just spend your time doing something else. Remember, nobody is posting their failures. And more often than not there’s gonna be so many people down your newsfeed smiling and socialising that really, on the inside are wishing they felt better about themselves and were smiling for real. It’s all just show baby g, dunna get sucked into it. A quick scroll and a nosy on your dinner break and after work is sound but thats it, put it away and get back into enjoying real life! I tried a 6 week digital detox a few months ago and I felt like I’d been on holiday by the end of it. You stop caring what people think and realise how irrelevant it all is. Its literally meant to be a timeline/diary for you to update people you know with what you’re up to and for you to interact. However I’m definitely feeling lonelier than ever the more I use social media.

Honestly don’t know if any of this will help you through winter and I haven’t a clue if many others feel the way I do about/during it but hopefully at minimum its been a sound read for you on a cold Tuesday night! Always here if anyone needs to talk about anythin, I am a full time Mong so if I don’t reply you know I’m daydreaming at that fuckin ace autumn forest outside work.

Have an ace day, and remember - Nothing exciting happens outside of the comfort zone! X