Updated: May 11, 2020

When I saw Russel Brand last month, he said that addiction doesn't always conform solely to the common stereotypes of drugs, smoking or alcohol. We all have addictions as humans cling on to any form of positive feeling or escapism. My addiction is unfortunately social media platforms, Instagram being the worst choice. If you were questioning your appearance or your life choices before downloading this app, you definitely will be after. I think the trick with social media is to control the content before it controls you and to limit the screen time for your own sanity.

I'd spend around two to three hours a day, scrolling through people's content, forgetting this profile is a portrayal of their successes as a whole. This provokes the idea that this person is superior to us, as we know we each have failures as well as successes. We are not shown this persons failures, so we assume there isn't any? It is a little bit fucked. Before you know it, your timeline is full of out of reach attractive women who have more money, friends and lifestyle perks than you'll ever have.

Digital technology has many cons for being able to connect people, we can contact a friend in Africa in seconds if we wanted to. The world grew a lot closer since digital technology provided us with the world wide web. This is all well and good but social media specifically is more often than not going to make you feel negatively about yourself. A few likes in exchange for long term questioning of your own likability, from people you probably don't know. If you had a daughter, what would you want her to be looking at and idolising?

I cannot believe the change in my moods since deleting the following apps and heres why. Facebook has been helpful with remembering people's birthday's so I keep hold of it but only via Safari. The app alerts you with irrelevant notifications and once you've opened the app, you're scrolling for half an hour minimum. Instagram has been the game changer, the women on that app are from another planet they're that unhealthily photoshopped. It's important to be happy in your life, with what you look like and how you spend your moments to do as you please. Do not let Instagram make you feel isolated for spending a Friday night in with your dog eating crap with no make up and messy hair. The app isn't realistic and there's other people sat on their own also being a victim to social media's phantasy profiles. Snapchat made me happy to see people's dogs but in all honesty I grew used to myself with an unrealistically tanned filter over my face. However Twitter, my morning meeting of the best dog memes and self-care quotes gets me in a good mood every day without a doubt.

I've actually had time to enjoy spare moments of the day on things I enjoy and puts my mind at rest such as drawing, writing and going for a walk to catch some daylight. Being a bit daring here posting my drawings but it might help make you smile. But this is me embracing the things that bring me joy and happiness. There's no intimidation in things that you choose to do with your mind. Remember to control the content of your timeline and use it to your advantage; your favourite animals, actors and locations are all there waiting.

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