Too big - blog post goes through the modelling phase. Loved it as much as it wasn't for me and my natural measurements. Met some beautiful personalities along the way, and I wouldn't change a thing about my time running around the beginners modelling industry. Behind the scenes, in and out of work, locations, freelance, agency, scams, money grabbers, perverts, the false hope, the real world, the imperfections young women should not even understand or acknowledge. Every look is perfection, human kind just make money out of some more than others.


I'm curvy, I smile, I smoke, I eat, I care, I love, I hug, I pout, I snigger and laugh and get butterflies. And all of those things kinda came to a halt when I started to care about what I looked like so much. I could change a million things about myself just like any other woman could. One thing that doesn't change is the fact there's always somebody better, somebody younger and somebody who can make more money. Enjoy yourself for who you are cause everyone else is too busy caring. Jameela Jamil is worth stalking if you've ever been effected by the societal requirements of today's people.